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Daisman Ayurveda Treatment Hospital in Kerala

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Sports Injury Clinic sports injury

Sports Injury Management Sports Preparatory Treatment,Injury Prevention Treatment,Injury Rehabilitation Treatment.

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Bone & Joint Clinic bone and joint clinic

Disc degeneration, bulge, compression, Prolapse, degenerative spine disorders, muscle spasm, injuries to back bone ...

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Obesity & Nutrition obesity and nutrition

Integrated approach for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, cardiac problem, hypercholestreamia, hypertension by Ayurvedic nutrition therapy...

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Rejuvanation&Detoxification rejuvanation and detoxification

Very effective anabolic activator which promote growth and development of the body. Herbomoss increases the lean body-

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joint pain treatment

What People Says ?

I had groin injury treated and cure from daisman Sports medicine centre, Kondottty and recovered remarkably. I was unable to walk and practise before after 3 weeks treatment I recovered...

Krishana poonia (Commonn wealth champion, Asian champion)

ayurvedic sports medicine

Ayurvedic sports medicine

Ayurvedic Sports medicine is intended to manage the health issues of the sportsmen in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in sport injuries, thereby helping them to enhance performance ......