Our Doctors

We have earned the recognition and distinction as the leading health care centre in India` by virtue of its excellence in healing of large number of patients through multi disciplinary approach. Scientifically and professionally managed institute headed by skilled and experienced doctors, experienced and qualified staffs with record number of more than 100,000 cases for the last 15 years.

Major.Prof.Dr.Baktier choudhary

MD Sports Medicine Swiz

(Visiting Consultant)

Former England Cricket team, Indian athletic Team doctor (visiting consultant)

Dr. Arshad.P BAMS, PG.Dip SPSN

CSM (International Olympic Committee)

CSM (International Olympic Committee)

Dr.shameer Thodengal MD (Ay)

Physician Rheumatology

(General Medicine)




Dr.Shabna N.k BAMS

Senior sports injury Specialist & obesity Nutrition

(Assistant physician sports Rehab,sports Management)

Dr.Riyas Ali BAMS

Assistant in Sports Rehab





Dr.Shafeer V BAMS

General physician







Dr.Laxmi. S. Kumar. BAMS

(sports Rehab)





Dr. Sandhya. BAMS, MD (AY)

Specialist in gynecological disorders, infertility.







Prasad K.P

BPT, MPT (sports physio), PGDEI neurological rehab) (NIMH)