Energising Nutrition

100 % Herbal Nutrition supplement for rejuvenating and revitalizing your body. Increases blood supply to brain and heart and stimulates nervous system. Well balanced scientific combination formulated by expert Doctors, Nutritionists using natural herbal extracts.

Oorja promotes physical strength and mental alertness hence provide energizing life throughout the day. It is very powerful aphrodisiac and ideal tonic for sexual performance. Effective in erectile disfunction premature ejaculation, loss of libido etc. Oorja increases the sperm count and motility and can be useful in infertility. Ideal Health Tonic for geriatrics, senility convalescent.

Ingredients :Ashwagandha, Akkikaruka, Athmaguptha, Pippali, Jeevathi, Kakoli. Sringi, Jathikka, Sugar, Honey.

Dose :1 -2 teaspoon morning and at night. Preferably with milk.

Presentation :300 G HDP food grade bottle. 1 kg family bottle

Herbo Moss

Weight Gaining Nutrition

Very effective anabolic activator which promote growth and development of the body. Herbomoss increases the lean body mass ILBMI without increasing the fat. It improves the cellular digestion and absorption of micronutrients and proteins. Herbomoss nourishes the body and rejuvenates the nerves and muscles. Herbomoss stimulates growth and development of cells by increasing production of cortical hormones. 100 % natural herbal product for safety use to maintain health and fitness

Ingredients : Withania Somnifera, Lpomea Paniculata, Holostemma Annulare, , Mustha, Shundi, Pippali, Nutmeg, Sugar Candy. Honey

Use : 1 tablespoon 2 times daily

Proper Diet and High Protein Rich foods are recommended during the administration of this product.

Presentation300 G HDPE & 1Kg family pack


Nutrition Supplement For Women

Ideal uterine tonic and herbal nutrition supplement for women. Regulates and normalize the function & development of uterus. it is effective in menstrual disorders and Leucorrhoea, vaginal discharge, dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

Femifit revitalises women and provide nourishment, increases anabolic activity and provide weight and health for under nourished.

It regulates the menstrual cycle and ideal tonic during pregnancy and lactation. Promote the secretion of milk and revitalises the body.

during pregnancy and lactation. Promote the secretion of milk and revitalizes the body.

Ingredients :Asperagus recemosus, Saraca Ashoka, Withania Somnifera, Curucligo Orchioides, Lpomea Paniculata, Phylanthus Emblica. Terminalia Chebula, Aristolachia Scholaris. Holostemma Annulare.

Use: I 2 tsp 2 times daily

Presentation:300 G HDPE Bottle

Grand Master

Herbal Brain Nutrition

Herbal memory booster and brain nutrition supplement from the ancient times. Before 2000 AD, the sages of ayurveda had proved the efficacy of certain herbs for boosting memory and brain function. All the drugs were trailed and clinically proven efficacy among many cases. New technologies of modern science and expert knowledge of herbal plants, made us to formulate a new product with the help of expert Doctors, Nutritionists, Child Psychologists and food technologists. Etc. Grandmaster is ideal tonic for students who seek extra memory power, intellectual capacity and alertness.

Ingredients :Brahmi, Kudangal, Jyothishmathi, Vacha, Shangupushpa, Ashwagandha, in soya protein with honey and sugar candy.

Dose: 1 -3 year % tsp at bed time, 4-10 yrs 1 tsp at bedtime, 10 and above 2 tsp at bedtime

Presentation:300 G HDPE bottle.

Hoorlyn hair oil

Herbal Hair Oil RNF Root Nourishing Formula

Unique herbal formulation by expert Doctors for dandruff and hair falling. Scientifically tested and clinically proven in thousands of satisfied customers. Root nourishing formula which nourishes the root hair follicles which promote the growth and development of hair. Active and powerful herbal blends and extracts for eliminate dandruff and hair falling. Prevent premature graying and provide black and silky glowing and shining hair. Provide good sleep, prevent head ache and rhinitis.

Ingredients :Eclipta Alba. Aloe vera, Dhathura Metal, Hemidesmus Indicus, Jasminum Officianale, Glyzirrhiza glabra, Triphala, Coconut Oil.

Use: Apply 5-10 ml on scalp & massage well, 15 minutes before bath. Wash with herbal shampoo. Use for a period of 6 months for complete relief.

Presentation:100 ml HDPE bottle