Daisman really an evolution over the decade researched and developed alternative integrated treatment modalities for sports injuries, orthopedic disorders, arthritis, obesity & nutrition and various disease affecting bone & spine. We are the first unique sports medicine, physiotherapy, sports biomechanics fitness training, and sports massage sports nutrition and sports psychology.

We have earned the recognition and distinction as the leading health care centre in India` by virtue of its excellence in healing of large number of patients through multi disciplinary approach. Scientifically and professionally managed institute headed by skilled and experienced doctors, experienced and qualified staffs with record number of more than 100,000 cases for the last 15 years.

Dr.Arshad.p graduated from Kottakkal, most popular renowned institute in India, post graduate diploma in modern sports medicine from Appolo Hospital, Hyderabad, certified sports medicine specialist by international Olympic committee(IOC)is the head of the sports medicine, bone and joint department. He had presented many papers in various national and international conferences like world ayurveda congress 2012, 2006, and 2000. Asian federation of sports medicine 2009. And he was the only representative from India for world sports medicine congress 2012, Italy. He had developed much innovative invention in treatment of various kind of sports injuries, intra articular needle stimulation; ultrasound guided intramuscular invasive stimulation, combination therapy of ayurveda and electro therapy. Body composition analysis software for management of obesity etc. He had successfully managed more than 4,000 cases of fractures by conservative method in which surgery was suggested. Now he is one of the leading physicians in Kerala in sports injury, bone and joint disorder