Daisman ayurvedic centre has earned the recognition and distinction as the leading health care centre in Kerala by virtue of its excellence in the healing and patients care within short span of time. We are providing multi disciplinary approach to cure illness and to eliminate the cause of the disease in the root level. Highly qualified and skilled physician, expert panchakarma therapist make us unique centre in ayurveda. We are proud to say, we are the first and only one centre in India providing ayurvedic integrated treatment for sports medicine, bone & joint disorders, neurological disorders. Many international and national athletes and players have undergone from treatment from this centre and won hearts of many.

Ayurvedic Way of Health

Ayurveda is not ajust a healing method, but a way of life as well and talks about how to lead a healthy life. It also proposes lifestyle to promote physical and mental health and prevent diseases. According to ayurvedic concepts it is the imbalance of vital energies that leads the development of disease. Ayurveda offers personalized way to achieve and maintain long term wellness based on the unique combination of the fundamental energies. The influence of these energies on our physical and emotional wellbeing offers a life style designed to minimize health, longevity and enjoyment of living.

Ayurveda said “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity”.ayurveda represents a dynamic concept which leads stress on simple living and abstinence from synthetic food-stuff. A dynamic balance needs to be maintained between food, conduct and thought. It is a truly holistic approach which aims at inner harmony through constant and careful protection of the body from imbalances through the combined operation of medicines, right living and prayer and meditation. Such an integrated approach constitutes the quintessence of ayureda.

Why Daisman is Unique from other Ayurvedic Centre

Daisman is the only specialty centre practices ayurvedic medicine with absolute dedication. We have carried out a great number of excellent ayurvedic treatments to uplift the physical, mental and spiritual health. Invention combination therapy for management of various orthopedic ant neurological disorders ,computerized body composition analysis to find out excess body fat with diet & exercise prescription are some of the excellent work in health care sector. We have developed many herbal products through scientific research & development and found very effective for various diseases.

Obesity and Nutrition Clinic

Computerized body fat measurement and diet and exercise prescription is given for the management of obesity. First time in Kerala unique and scientific safe treatment for management of obesity.

Ayurvedic Sports Medicine Treatments

Unique treatment methodology developed by Dr.Arshad after his meticulous research in ayurveda and sports medicine for years. It is a combination of ayurveda, yoga, physiotherapy and some kind of conditioning exercises to cure many ailments and make man physically and mentally fit to compete heavy tiresome work and extreme sports. This will include, panchakarma treatments, ayurvedic medication, special nourishing herbal nutrition, yoga, meditation, physiotherapy and conditioning exercise program. Special sports massage, Kalari massage, marma treatment also included for maintaining physical and mental fitness.


Inventory integrated modern and ayurvedic, physiotherapy combinations and Individualized designed treatment protocols for the treatment of various neurological disorders like paralysis, motor neuron disorders, Parkinson disease, post traumatic post surgical neurological complications etc.

Modern sophisticated physiotherapy department

  • Modern new generation sports medicine top laser, torque, oriented liposuction imported from Europe. Wide range of orthotic supports, casts, brace and tapes.
  • Scientific training tie up with European sports medicine and Chinese sports medical team
  • International standard health club, swimming pool,indore stadium, jogging track, sports physiotherapy centre, standard/executive /suite/normal room facility available at different natural atmosphere