Why DAISMAN (Dr.Arshad Integrated Sports Medicine and Nutrition) ?

Unique approach of management of sports injuries with combined approach of Ayurveda, physiotherapy and Yoga treatment attained excellent results in various cases. Last 10 years research in Ayurvedic sports medicine has concreted the results with evidence.

Injuries presenting here are Ankle sprain grade 2, grade 3, knee pain, Meniscal tear, low back ache, muscle injuries, groin injuries, anterior compartment syndrome, shin splints, plantar fascititis, Achilles tendonitis etc. Many of the chronic sports injuries unanswered by all kinds of system have got remarkable improvement and results after this treatment.

Case studies of various treatment modalities employed for chronic sports injuries and rehabilitation of ankle, knee, back and neck. Treatment methodology consists of Ayurvedic medication, manipulation treatment (Marma therapy), Oil massage (Panchakarma treatment), Range Of Motion exercises, Strength training, Proprioception, along with physiotherapy modalities like Ultrasound, muscle stimulators, various Deep heat therapies (oil heat, stone heat, herbal leaves bundle heat, dried herbal powder heat, sand and salt bag heat), bandaging with some heat producing herbal combinations (upanaha swedha) etc….

Specially designed treatment for improving muscle strength, tone, bulk, endurance and Power with ayurvedic panchakarma treatments, some of the proved sports specific treatment principles for various sports injuries and rehabilitation and prevention.

Specialized treatment for early rehabilitation of ACL reconstruction may help back to sports person early without going muscle wasting, Ayurvedic herbal formulations for acute and chronic injuries which will relieve oedema and inflammation than NSAID drugs devoid of any side effects and drug interactions.