Our Mission

Daisman sports medicine nutrition centre, india's firts and unique centre for ayurvedic sports medicine having a record of successfully treating more than 25,000 cases of sports injury. We are conducting sports injruy and fitness training programmes for national coaches of sports authority of india. Specialised doctors in sports medicine and accredited by international olympic committee and asian federation of sports medicine. Daisman sports medicine and nutrition research centre developed a body composition analysis software first time in asia. Scientifically and professionally managed institute headed by skilled and experience doctors in sports medicine.

Our Mission

Striving for Excellence in Worldwide promotion of authentic Ayurveda & wide range of Indian traditional massages. Popularization of fascinating and effective lesser-known Ayurvedic sports Medicine, Sports massage, Ayurvedic fitness training, Sports training, management of various orthopedic and neurological disorders.

Physical & Mental Fitness through Ayurveda

Sport and exercise is now recognized as a major benefit for health and government, both local and national, has become proactive in trying to increase exercise participation at all levels in the community. With this in mind it is now incumbent upon those who promote exercise and provide leadership, coaching and the necessary facilities for those encouraged to exercise to ensure appropriate levels of first aid knowledge.

About Our Organisation

We Daisman Herbal Health Care, India’s first ayurvedic sports medicine centre offer genuine and effective treatment for sports injuries and orthopedic disorders. We are the only one center offers treatment for sports injuries, rehabilitation of sports injuries, preparation of athletes, obesity and nutrition, post operative rehabilitation, etc.

Our Team headed by Dr. Arshad.P. Graduated from Ayurveda College , Kottakkal did post graduate diploma in Sports Medicine and Nutrition from Apollo Hospital , Hyderabad , and worked with Sports Authority of India, Bangalore and treated many International and National athletes. He has great record in his career and very popular in Indian athletics and sporting field. He is the first Ayurvedic sports medicine doctor to serve Sports Authority of India.

Dr. Sabna.N.K, working in the same centre graduated from Kottakkal Ayurveda College College, and expert in panchakarma treatment. Our Company DAISMAN (Doctor Arshad Institute of Sports Medicine And Nutrition) is manufacturing sports medicine, nutrition supplements, sports nutrition, Ayurvedic medicines etc. We have developed software for body fat measurement and applied for patent. This type of fat measurement is first time in India and unique venture in Ayurveda.As a part of developing our new venture, we are planning to start Ayurvedic treatment centres and Ayurvedic sports medicine center for International sporting community.

DAISMAN is fast growing company with High quality of standard Herbal medicine manufacturing. Each and every steps of production and processing of drugs are supervised by the expert doctors to assure the quality and efficacy of the products. We could compete all international products and sports Nutrition supplement within one year of the launch of our product. Company has got GMP Certificate under the specification of W.H.O norms for manufacturing products under our sister concern M/s Seena Indian Medicals, Nhangattiri, Pattambi, Kerala- India.

  • Sports medicine consultant for various clubs and Associations like KDFA, MDFA, Volleyball association.
  • Official Resource person for foreign delegates and doctors to teach Ayurveda and Ayurvedic sports Medicine.
  • Resource person for Physical Education Teachers of Kerala.
  • Served as team doctor for various Tournament and National Football League.
  • Conducting classes for International Students about Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Sports medicine, Panchakarma, sports massage.

Conducting health & fitness Classes for various health clubs, schools, Gym, Sports Clubs etc

Conducting Fat measurement (Body composition Analysis) and diet , exercise prescription for obesity and therapeutic exercise for diseased people

Workshops/ demonstrations

We conducts Workshops / demonstration of various treatments and subjects each year. Conducting seminars on different topics for making awareness of the systme of medicine among public society. We also conducts Medicl camps, seminars on Ayurveda, Ayurvedic sports medicine, fitness training, Nutritional classes. Our programme include Body composition analysis (computrerised Body fat measurement) diet chart and exercise prescription. Whenever we demonstrated the therapies lively it evoke overwhelming response from people. Our aim is to promote Indian traditional System of medicine and such demonstrations will benefit all Ayurvedic professionals to make their therapies popular among people.