Detoxifying therapy

The unique programme devised to remove toxins from your body. this therapy is for 7-28 days to clear body and mind and raise the immunity. Therapy is for 90 minutes per day.

Rejuvenation and relaxation therapy

(Rasayana chikitsa)- Gives you complete rejuvenation through different ayurvedic massages, panchakarma treatments and special internal medicines. This therapy is for 90 minutes per day.

Panchakarma treatment(40 days)

Purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of vatha, pitha, kapha by panchakarma and swedanakarma treatments. This package includes snehapanam, swedana, vamanam, virechanam, vasthi, nasyam, dara, pizhichil, kizhi, medicated bath and internal herbal medicines.

Fat reduction (28 days)

This include two types of massages, a)-medicated herbal powder massage. b)-medicated oil massage. This programme also includes medicated steam bath, some special yoga asanas and intake of herbal medicines. A very special ayurvedic diet is also advice during the treatment period.

Spine and joint care

To keep your spine and joints healthy and to cure the problem related with it. This includes special massages, kativasthi, snehavasthi, kashayavasthi, pizhichil, kizhi, special yoga and exercise. Treatment includes 90 minutes per day.

Stress care

This unique programme devised to reduce stress and tension from your body and mind.

Beauty care

This includes medicated paste, dara, herbal facial, udwartanam, head&face massage, njavaratheppu etc