Ayurvedic sports medicine – A new hope for future

Ayurvedic Sports medicine is intended to manage the health issues of the sportsmen in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in sport injuries, thereby helping them to enhance performance and endurance.

Why ayurvedic sports medicine?

Sports injuries are commonly caused by excessive use, direct impact or the impact of force that is greater than the body part can anatomically withstand. The ayurvedic system of approach is to rule out the root cause of the injury rather than a symptomatic approach of treatment. This system ensures total care and non-recurrence of injury.

The treatment adopted comes mainly under marma chikitsa which are the vital points of the body where application of effective stimulation can produce relaxation and relief from painful condition. Various kinds of ayurvedic modalities like panchakarma, massage technique using herbal oils and other classical formulations can be used externally and internally for better result.

Surprisingly highly effective and quick remedy for acute conditions even most advanced modern treatment fails. This incorporated in sports medicine making necessary alterations in tune with time.

In countries like China, Japan, Korea, they are using their traditional system of medicines in the sports field for the fruitful management of sports injuries and to enhance the potential of sportsmen. Now in Kerala daisman integrated sports medicine is gaining wide range of acceptance from sports persons. Condition of the body and mind by practicing ayurvedic life style which includes meditation, yoga, dietary and seasonal regimens has already proven its excellence in enhancing the potential outcome.

  • The management of day to day health issues of sportsmen.
  • Treatment of sports injuries mainly by external application.
  • To enhance the fitness of body and mind by using rasayana or rejuvenation therapy.
  • Healthy food to improve the recovery rate of sportsmen.
  • Massaging the body with oil capable of boosting the vital power of mind and body.
  • The sports regimen as per ayurveda classics.

Speedy Recovery through Ayurvedic Sports Medicine

In soft tissue injuries including tendon, ligament, meniscal and muscular injuries, the ayurvedic system ensures minimal scar formation and fat tissue regeneration through the sports ayurveda; persons can regain health in short span of time. The overuse and over exercise may cause sports injuries at a high rate. These injuries can have a speedy recovery through special Keraleeya chikitsa and other classical treatment procedures mentioned in ayurveda.

The Scientific Authenticity of Ayurvedic Sports Medicine

On the basis of modern research methodology many studies and research works have undergone in various universities of Kerala. In northern India, also many works are undergoing in this field.