Performance enhancer


Promote blood supply to working muscles. Helps in gaining Lean Body Mass (LBM). Reduces muscle pain, fatigue during heavy workouts, enhanced production of hormones, stimulate production of adrenal cortex, improves digestion, intake of food and helps in absorption of protein and nutrients. Prevent muscle injury and protect tissues from damage, promote Cardio-Vascular efficiency and enhance endurance.

Ocimum sanctum : 50mg
Tribulus terrestris : 100mg
Withania somnifera: 50mg
Glyzirrhiza glabra: 50mg
Asteracantha longifolia: 50mg
Allium cepa: 50mg
Ruta graveolens: 100mg
Commiphora mukul: 50mg



Power - Energy - Endurance

Increases muscle strength & power. Reduce fat & Cholesterol, Lowers blood pressure, increase energy level & exercise endurance, improve memory and mental alertness , strengthen heart muscles. Rich in natural vitamins & minerals. A powerful antioxidant. Safe and effective formula for total health & Fitness.


Aswagandha, Liquorice, Grass nut, Aloe vera, Ruta graveolens, Guggulu, Tribulus, long piper, Mucuna prurita, Indian gooseberry.


Poly herbal health drink

Provide instant energy. Effective blood purifier, reduce foul sweating, freedom from fatigue, effective rejuvenator, anti oxidant for body protection. 100% herbal blends, rich in natural vitamin.

Use: 25-35ml Ergo concentrate in 1 glass of cold water or milk, don't add sugar and lime.


Withania somnifera, Cyprus rotundus, Cardomom indicum, Hemidesmus indicus, Glyzirrhiza glabra, Abbies webbiana, Corriandrum sativum, Eletteria cardomom, Acacia catechu, Aloe vera, Vetivera zezanoides. 


high energy post workout nutrition supplement

Increased energy, improved recovery

Enhance creatine absorption

Unflavored, unsweetened, uncoloured pure carbohydrate

Laboratory tested, satisfaction guaranteed.

Energize your workouts: just carbs is an excellent energy source for sustained energy during physical exertion. Create an ultimate meal replacement of your body: Combine just carbs with whey pure to create a meal in seconds. By adjusting the ratio of protein to carbohydrates, you can consume the optimal amount of each for your body!

Increase recovery: ingest just carbs immediately following physical activity to replenish glycogen levels within your muscles and provide your body with the fuel it needs to recover.

Absorb more creatinine: research has shown that consuming carbohydrates will result in an increase of insulin levels within the body, which may aid the transport of creatinine into the muscle tissue. Glucose polymers are metabolized at a slow , steady rate which is of great benefit to those who wish to sustain energy levels during endurance- oriented athletic events. 

Serving size:

 1 scoop (30g)

Calories: 112

Total fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0mg

Sodium: 22mg

Total carbohydrate: 27g

Sugars: 2g

Usage: may be mixed in water or your favourite drink with a spoon or knife. Use before exercise as an energy source or after exercise for recovery. May be used through the day to increase daily caloric intake. 

Phyto burn

(Fat Burner Capsule)

Contains natural iodine to promote a healthy thyroid. A healthy thyroid helps increase the body's metabolic rate.

Garcinia cambogia is an exotic fruit grown in South India and a source for a revolutionary naturally diet ingredient. The active ingredient of Garcinia cambogia is hydroxy citric acid (HCA)*. HCA is a natural substance that is extracted and isolated from the Garcinia cambogia fruit. It has been found to be a fat burning agent that stimulates and balances metabolism to manage weight.

Guggulu is natural substance aids in lowering cholesterol level and fatty acid production, increases production of glycogen in the liver, fights fatigue, lowers the pulse rate, increases mental alertness suppresses appetite and is known to be an excellent mood elevator. Is a compilation of ingredients designed to help reduce body fat in four distinct phases.

Fat metabolism in the body is not governed by one single mechanism - it is a combination of hormonal factors distinct to each individual carefully constructed to exert a global influence on fat reduction, taking into account the most probable of endocrine issues that cause weight gain.

Increases metabolic rate.

Help to reduce body fat by promoting fat metabolism.

Boost energy levels.

Thermogenic effect.

Accelerate weight loss.

Decrease appetite.

No side effects, 100% herbal.

Ingredients: (each 500mg capsule made out of )

Shudha Guggulu - 200mg
Trikatu - 50mg
Garcinia - 50mg
Vidanga - 50mg
Chitraka - 50mg
Arjuna - 50mg
Amla - 50mg