What Others Says..


    She could able to won medals in National and Asian athletic meet by Opting Ayurvedic integrated sports medicine from Daisman, before that had done lot of treatment for my ankle injury, but all were failure, I could practice and perform my record performance after relieving my ankle injury which was agonizing me for the last 1 year.

    Second time injury was so severe for the left ankle, Doctors opted surgery since it was complete rupture of the ligaments of the ankle. But Remarkably improved with defeating all prevailing rules in Modern Sports medicine with 12 days of inpatients integrated treatment and rehabilitation for a period or 3 months.

    Thanks for Daisman Sports medicine centre, and I wish all the success to this hospital and My success is through Daisman

  • Anju MM (100 m, Hurdler)

    It was tremendous experience for me to compete in National meet, Undiagnosed pain on my right hamstring for the last few months got cured within 2 days without any predisposing symptom , I could win medal and perform better after this treatment.

  • Dija KC (National champion Pole Vault)

    severe back pain for 2 years couldnot travel or even do routein activities, latter doctors found out my Lumbar bones got slipped (spondylolisthesis grade 2 L4/L5) treated from many hospitals at last they advised for surgery and quit sports and fortunately with my prayers I reached Dr, Arshad.P of daisman hospital Kondotty and treated with simple exercise and medication and I recovered remarkably from the injury and I got medal in National championship with my best performance and now got job in Railways, still I am in the field of sports because of the courageous deed taken by dr. Arshad and daisman hospital. I always pray for this group and support them .

  • Krishana poonia (Commonn wealth champion, Asian champion)

    I had groin injury treated and cure from daisman Sports medicine centre, Kondottty and recovered remarkably. I was unable to walk and practise before after 3 weeks treatment I recovered and still practicing for the country. Thank you dr. Arshad. And daisman team. I wish all the best.