Ayurvedic Treatment for Sports Injury:-

Innovative integrated approach of treating injury with modern scientific diagnosis techniques and management by sports medicine principles by using new generation ayurvedic medicines and massage creates miracles in various kinds injuries like tennis elbow, heel pain(plantar fasciitis, heal spur ,RCB,haglund’s syndrome, Achilles tendinitis),tenosinovitis ,groin injury, long lasting patellar tendinitis,supraspinatus tendinitis could be with shorter duration of time compared to modern and traditional ayurvedic treatment.

Many surgical conditions like meniscal tear, rotator cuff tear, ligament tear, condylar fracture. Patellar dislocation, reccurent shoulder dislocation, back pain and neck pain due to inter vertebral disc disease,

(Disc bulge, prolapsed, protrusion etc) can be treated and recovered in shorter span of time by integrated method.

Degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis, periarthritis affecting the old age can be successful brought back to normal stage and patient can move without pain safely in low treatment cost.